My name is Kristopher Turner.

I am an actor.

This is a blog where I share my thoughts, processes and experiences of being a journeyman actor (and artist and human being in general). I love to work at my craft, and I seem to do have a lot of thoughts about it. My hope is that by sharing with you here, it will help me articulate what I believe, as well as maybe help others on a similar journey, or just anyone interested in the journey of an actor/artist/human.

I’ve studied and worked professionally for over 15 years in television, film and theatre, and you can learn more about me as an actor on my website here.

I also currently study consistently with the Lonsdale Smith Studio for acting in Toronto and Los Angeles, and have been a student of a number of other teachers and schools in the art of acting. It is there, combined with my own life experiences, and experiences on sets and in auditions, where the majority of my thoughts on this blog come from.